14 March 2009

Jen & Anne Hathaway - Trocam Farpas / Catfight Alert

Durante a festa, depois da cerimônia do Oscar, Anne Hathaway teria afirmado, para alguns amigos, que Jennifer Aniston escolhia sempre "os homens errados". O que Anne não percebeu, é que Jennifer passava perto e ouviu o comentário, ficando chateada com a atriz, então Jen aproximou-se de Anne e afirmou que, pelo menos, nunca "tinha namorado com nenhum golpista ou criminoso", referindo-se ao ex-namorado da atriz, Raffaello Follieri, que se declarou culpado em tribunal, após ser acusado de fraude.
Oscar-nominated actress Anne Hathaway is in hot water with beloved star Jennifer Aniston after comparing her bad relationship track record to Aniston’s highly-publicized romantic past. “Jen’s feeling her age, and doesn’t need some 20-something actress yanking her chain. She’s a bad enemy to make….” According to The National Enquirer, controversy kicked off between the two stars after the Rachel Getting Married actress was heard quipping to pals: “I’m like Jennifer Aniston. I pick the wrong guys.” Somehow Anne’s good-natured remark made it back to the former Mrs. Pitt, and America’s Sweetheart was anything but soft-spirited. “Say what you like…I’ve never dated con men or criminals!” Jennifer snarled, referring to Anne’s former boyfriend, an Italian businessman who was collared on federal fraud charges last summer.

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Maria Laura said...

Bem feito Anne!!!! Quem naum tem teto de vidro que atire a primeira pedra !!!! rsrsrsrs