25 February 2008

Jen teria congelado óvulos / Jen puts her eggs on ice

Parece que a última gravidez de Angelina Jolie mexeu fundo com o instinto maternal de Jennifer Aniston. Tanto que ela, que nunca se conformou em ter perdido Brad Pitt para a rival e que também já espalhou para todos que deveria ter tido um filho enquanto estavam juntos, pode estar tomando providências para que o seu sonho da maternidade se realize em breve. De acordo com a “Star Magazine”, Jennifer teria congelado seus óvulos. Ainda segundo a revista, preocupada com a idade, 39, e a provável dificuldade de engravidar naturalmente, ela agora estaria disposta a esperar pelo homem ideal para poder concretizar o sonho de ser mãe. “Foi um movimento inteligente, porque dá mais uns anos para que encontre a pessoa certa”, disse uma fonte à publicação. Enquanto isso, seu ex, Brad Pitt, continua aumentando a família, já que tudo indica que Angelina Jolie está grávida de seu segundo filho natural com Brad. ----------------------------------------------------------- Angelina Jolie may have secured the headlines over the weekend by finally revealing her much buzzed about baby bump, but Brad Pitt’s former ladylove, Jennifer Aniston, quietly made preparations for her own brood. The 39-year-old isn’t pregnant yet, but Star reports she’s put her eggs on ice until Mr. Right comes along. “It was a really smart move, because it buys (Jen) a few years to figure it all out,” an insider told the magazine. “The pressure has lifted.” The insider claims Jennifer could postpone having her first baby until she turns 45, and with ample resources and plenty of stamina, the actress isn’t worried about the wait. “She has loads of energy. And she’s so rich that she could just hire five nannies!” Before making the decision to freeze her eggs, Jennifer considered other options, according to another Star source. “Her friend Sheryl Crow turned her on to the idea of adopting, but in her heart Jen would like to have her own child. She just needs the right man — someone she can trust.” Jennifer’s rep told Star the story was untrue, but the source countered, insisting Jen would use the frozen eggs if she had any trouble conceiving naturally. “(Jen’s) absolutely doing the right thing. She’s giving herself a big break from the intense pressure to find Mr. Right and have kids. She’s in a good place now.”

20 February 2008

Jen encontrou o amor? / Jen Finds Love?

Quem será que pode substituir Brad Pitt no coração da loira? Desde que as filmagens de "Traveling" começaram no Canadá, rumores sobre um romance entre Jennifer Aniston, a solteira mais cobiçada de Hollywood, e Aaron Eckhart pipocam na imprensa. A dupla faz o par romântico do longa, dirigido por Brandon Camp, e recentemente foi vista em cenas de extrema cumplicidade longe das câmeras.

16 February 2008


Com flores na mão Jen retornou na quarta-feira, a Vancouver para o set de filmagens de seu novo filme Traveling. Apenas dois dias antes a tripulação e o elenco surpreendeu a aniversariante com um gigante bolo de sorvete! ------------------------------------------------ Flowers in hand, Jen returns to the Vancouver set of her new film, Traveling, on Wednesday. Only two days earlier, the cast and crew surprised the birthday girl with a giant ice cream cake!

13 February 2008

Angelina's Joy Is Jen's Pain

“It's been three years since they split," one pal of Jen Aniston reveals to OK! about the actress' divorce from Brad Pitt. "But she's still so far from getting over him, it's tragic.”. And on Feb. 23, when Jen, Brad and the woman he left her for, Angelina Jolie, will all take part in hosting a charity event at the Beverly Hills Hotel, the tension in the room will most certainly be palpable. Sources tell OK! the former Friends star is now gearing up for the moment she'll have to say hello to Angelina or, as she chooses to put it, "that person who ruined my life." Making the matter more stressful for Jen, who turned 39 on Feb. 11, is that she's being constantly bombarded with images of a glowing, pregnant Angelina. “Jen is desperate for kids,” says a source. “She can feel her biological clock ticking and must be scared that she’s left it too late. She keeps saying that she wishes she had kids with Brad and that, if she had, maybe things would be different.”