28 December 2007

Resp: Jen "Não está Grávida" / Rep: Jen “Is Not Pregnant”

Deixe o negócio de fazer bebê com Brad pitt, não com Jennifer Aniston. O National Enquirer informou que Aniston, 38, está grávida e ainda especulou que o pai poderia ser Vince Vaughn, Paul Sculfor ou o ‘Sex and the City’ Jason Lewis. Mas, seu representante disse UsMagazine: "Ela não está grávida". Uma testemunha viu Jen com os amigos Courteney Cox e David Arquette em um jantar de Véspera de Natal e em uma “sessão de martinis” no Mastro’s em Beverly Hills. Na semana passada também, pintou os cabelos por Michael Canali — outro não de gravidez. A estrela "está numa grande disposição," uma fonte contou a US, apesar do fato de que ela não ficou sozinha depois do jantar de Véspera de Natal. "Não há nenhum drama, e essa é a razão pela qual ela está feliz"!
Leave the baby making business to Brad Pitt, not Jennifer Aniston. The National Enquirer reported that Aniston, 38, is expecting and speculated that the father could be either Vince Vaughn, Paul Sculfor or Sex and the City hunk Jason Lewis. But her rep tells Usmagazine.com: “She is not pregnant.” An eyewitness told Us that the Friends alum sipped a martini at a Christmas Eve dinner with pals Courteney Cox and David Arquette at Mastro’s in Beverly Hills. She also recently had her hair colored by Michael Canali — another pregnancy no-no — last week. The star “is in a great mood,” a source told Us, despite the fact that she didn’t have a date and “left alone” after the Christmas Eve dinner. “There’s no drama, and that’s why she’s happy!”

Jen: Gravidez Secreta! / Pregnancy Secret!

Segundo a revista americana "The National Enquirer", Jennifer Aniston, de 38 anos, está grávida do namorado, Jason Lewis, ator do seriado americano "Sex and The City". A suspeita surgiu depois que a atriz apareceu com uma pequena barriga, quando saia com Courteney Cox nas comemorações do Natal. Jen passou o Natal com a família do namorado. O romance de Jennifer e Jason começou há pouco mais de um mês. No início, eles escondiam a relação, pois tinham medo que a fama atrapalhasse o desenrolar do romance.
This week’s cover of the National Enquirer reads “Jennifer Aniston’s Pregnancy Secret” and features an older picture of Aniston on set several months ago with a questionable mini-bump, but there are pictures of Aniston out with Courteney Cox on Christmas Eve and she definitely looks pregnant! Jen is shown wearing black leggings and a loose black top while clutching a scarf close to her face. There’s been a lot of speculation that Aniston got another nosejob, possibly her third, and that could be why she’s trying to cover her face, but her face also looks fuller and she’s gained weight all over. I would bet that she is indeed pregnant. Aniston has also been lying low apart from this public outing with Courteney and hasn’t been photographed over the past few months - and a pregnancy could explain her absence. Star Magazine reported this week that she’s been living with Sex and The City heartthrob Jason Lewis, and also that Lewis was flying his mother in to meet her over the holidays. Could it be because she’s pregnant with his baby? That’s going to be one gorgeous child. Here are excerpts from Star’s article about these two. They claim they’ve only been dating since November, so Aniston got knocked up in record time if it’s Lewis’ baby. I’ll report on the Enquirer story after I get access to it over the weekend: “Jason’s mother, Nancy, is flying in from Missouri just to meet Jennifer,” says the insider. “It’s really important to him.” And that’s not all! “He’s so thrilled because he’ll also get to introduce Jennifer to his sister Nicole’s new baby girl, Makela. It’s going to be a very warm and cozy holiday at his grandmother’s house in L.A, and everyone is thrilled to meet the woman Jason has been raving about!” Ironically, Jason has ties to Brad Pitt. The two are acquaintances, and Brad even introduced Jennifer to Jason, 36, while they were still married! They eventually reconnected in November, after they’d both become single, and there was instant chemistry. “Mutual friends at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital charity thought Jen and Jason would make a great couple,” the insider explains. “So they started e-mailing. After their first date, they began seeing each other every day, nonstop.” Now they’re virtually living together - they spend all their time at her Malibu house or his place.

26 December 2007

Novas fotos!!!!! / New pictures!!!!!

Jen at 'Mastros' in Beverly Hills - December 24

21 December 2007

Jen & Jason Lewis: Estão vivendo Juntos? / Are Living Together?

É difícil saber no que acreditar, já que essas revistas de fofoca cada hora falam uma coisa. A Star Magazine traz reportagem esta semana em que afirma que Jennifer Aniston, estaria morando junto com o ator Jason Lewis. Para quem não lembra, Jason viveu o namorado de Samantha na última temporada de "Sex and the City" e fez uma participação especial no episódio de "Brothers & Sisters" que foi ao ar nesta quarta pelo Universal Channel. A mesma revista, no entanto, afirmou na semana passada que Jennifer Aniston estaria namorando outra vez o ator Vince Vaughn...
Star is reporting that Jennifer Aniston and Sex and The City hottie Jason Lewis are living together. This is the same magazine that said last week that Aniston and Vince Vaughn are back together, so which is it? Maybe Aniston is playing the field and had a brief reunion that didn’t work out with Vaughn quickly followed by some steamy stay-at-home action with Jason Lewis. He seems like he would take anyone’s mind off of an on-again off-again relationship that’s like picking a wound whenever you hook up with the person again. He’s not just neosporin and a bandaid, he’s a full body massage and a spa vacation. Let’s hope the fantasy lasts for the two of them and that they make beautiful red carpet appearances together. I don’t get the current issue of Star until over the weekend, so we’ll have to see what kind of evidence they have for this supposed cohabitation. These two were last linked in mid November, when they were said to have had two “secret” dates in NY City.

19 December 2007

Novas!!! / New pictures!!!!

Jen visitou o prédio Carrillo Drive em Los Angeles - 18 de Dez. ------------------------------------- Jen visited building on Carrillo Drive in Los Angeles - Dec 18
Jen - Malibu home - Dec 16

14 December 2007

Novas Fotos!! / New Pictures!!!

Jen deixando o restaurante Mozza em Hollywood - 12 de Dez. -------------------------------------- Jen leaving restaurant Mozza in Hollywood - Dec 12

Harper's Bazzar

Jen está na capa Australiana da Harper's Bazzar para Janeiro de 2008 -------------------------------- Jen is on the cover of Australian Harper's Bazzar for Jan 2008

13 December 2007