05 September 2011

Jen & Justin - Primeira Briga?/ First Fight?

Jennifer Aniston e Justin Theroux tiveram sua 'primeira briga' durante suas férias no Havaí, segundo a revista Star. De acordo com a reportagem, Theroux acha que Aniston está 'muito obcecada com sua aparência'. "Jen insistia em passar maquiagem antes de ir à praia e reclamava das linhas no seu pescoço", disse uma fonte. "Então Justin a ouviu no telefone dizendo a uma amiga que precisava urgente de Botox". O vício que Aniston tem em Botox causa náuseas em Theroux. "Ele disse que até gostaria de ter um bebê com ela, mas se ela continuar usando Botox, trabalhando que nem louca e fazendo dieta, isso nunca vai acontecer!", disse o informante. (Fonte: O Fuxico)
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux‘s romance has been heating up, and now they’ve had their first fight! According to Star, Justin believes Jen is too worried about what she looks like and they fought about it in Hawaii! “Jen insisted on applying makeup before going to the beach and complained about the lines on her neck,” a source told the magazine. “Then Justin overheard her on the phone telling a friend that she urgently needed Botox.” Justin wasn’t happy with his girlfriend after that. “He has said he is open to having a baby with her, but if she keeps getting Botox, working out like crazy and dieting, it will never happen!” But the fighting didn’t end there. “Every day, he’d just announce where they’d be eating and tell her to hurry up and get ready,” a source explained, which didn’t make Jen happy. “Jen told Justin that he never considers her feelings or what she wants to do,” the source added. (Source: Hollywood Life)

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Lanai said...

Muito podre essa revista star...Jen deve rir muito com tudo isso...rsrsrsrs!!