01 June 2011

Norman, cachorro amado da Jen morre / Jen's beloved dog Norman dies

Jennifer Aniston perdeu seu cachorro, o Corgi-mix Terrier Norman, que morreu aos 15 anos. O representante da atriz confirmou a informação à revista "People". "Ele morreu há poucas semanas. Era um cão velho e estava em seu tempo", disse. Ela nunca escondeu o amor que sentia pelo animal, descrevendo-o como um cão calmo que gostava de descansar a seus pés. "Ele é meu menino", disse Jennifer à publicação, em Fevereiro deste ano. "Norman vai comigo às locações. Eu tenho que levá-lo." A atriz, que acaba de adquirir um apartamento em Nova York por US$ 4,95 milhões, batizou o local como "Ninho de Confiança do Norman". No início deste ano, ela o levou ao programa da apresentadora Chelsea Handler e o público adorou o cachorro, a quem Jennifer chamava carinhosamente de "Norm" e "Normy". Em 1998, Normal desapareceu por dois dias, e finalmente foi encontrado em um abrigo de animais. "Ele é uma pessoa em corpo de cão", afirmou a atriz, 10 anos depois. Em 2009, o cão passou por uma série de problemas de saúde, incluindo artrite, devido à idade. Por causa do sofrimento do bicho de estimação, Jennifer chorava e evitava vê-lo tomar injeções. (Fonte: Quem)
Just weeks before closing the deal on a luxury New York penthouse under her beloved dog's name and Jennifer Aniston's pooch Norman had passed away. The 42-year-old was besotted with her Welsh corgi-terrier who has been a constant companion to the actress through some of the most challenging years of her life. Norman was 15-years-old and frequently joined Jennifer on television and film sets and she was rarely without him. 'He died a few weeks ago. He was an old dog and it was just his time', Aniston's representative confirmed to People magazine. The former Friends star has frequently paid tribute to Norman who Aniston described as a quiet canine who enjoyed laying by her feet. 'He's my baby boy. Norman goes with me on location - I've got to take Norman', she said in February. The companion even appeared with her on Chelsea Lately earlier this year and the audience went wild for the famous pup. But when Jennifer tried to get him to sit, the dog refused leading her to say: 'He's 15-years-old, he doesn't care any more'. Aniston affectionately called the dog, who she considered a family member, Norm or Normy. 'Even back [as a puppy] he was as cool as a cucumber. He's just a person in a dog suit', the actress said. Norman got into a little bit of mischief as a young puppy. He reportedly went missing for two days back in 1998 but eventually turned up unharmed at an animal shelter. He was a big part of the family when Jennifer was still married to Brad Pitt and was her paw to lean on when she and the Inglourious Basterds actor split in 2005. Jennifer has another dog, a white German shepherd called Dolly. The Break Up star is making a fresh start and will soon be moving from Los Angeles to New York to take up residence in her new apartment. Jennifer bought three units in a West Village condo building at a price of $5.9million. In a fitting tribute to her constant companion, she bought her new home under the title Norman's Nest Trust. (Source: Dailymail)

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