04 June 2009

Jen - Estaria se encontrando com um stripper / Her Guatemalan boy-toy is a stripper at gay clubs

Jennifer Aniston estaria vivendo uma nova aventura amorosa, de acordo com o “Examiner”. Ela estaria se encontrando com um stripper de 23 anos. Os dois teriam se conhecido nos bastidores do filme “The Baster”, atual trabalho de Jennifer. Ainda de acordo com o site, o nome do jovem é Manolo e ele passa a maioria das suas noites dançando em uma boate de Nova York, chamada Splash. Ao que parece, antes disso, ele já trabalhou também em clubes gays na Califónia. (Fonte: Quem)

Last week, I reported that Jennifer Aniston starting hanging out with a twenty-three-year old Guatemalan production assistant that she met on the set of The Baster. His name is Manolo and he has even come back to LA to spend some time with Ms. Aniston. But did she realize he is (or was) a stripper for gay clubs? Manolo apparently danced at a club called Splash in New York City and was a big hit with all the guys that hung out there. When he lived in West Hollywood, CA, he was a go-go dancer at a club called Mickey’s. There’s no guarantee that just because Manolo dances at gay clubs means he is gay, but come on! If you are a straight guy, would you feel comfortable with other guys touching your body all over the place and putting money down your pants? While it is always possible that Manolo is just Jennifer’s friend, people who have seen them together say otherwise. Why would he come back to the West Coast just to be with her? Some women are so hot that they can turn a gay man straight. But this is Jennifer Aniston we’re talking about! (Source: Examiner)

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