22 September 2008

Jen - Hollywood Hills - Sept 21

Jennifer Aniston foi vista chegando na casa de Leonardo DiCaprio em Hollywood Hills no domingo, junto com Selma Blair, Kate Bosworth, Tobey Maguire, Usher e Seth Rogan. O que talvez podia trazer todas estas celebridades juntas? Foram para uma reunião estritamente profissional e o guarda-costas da Jen disse aos fotográfos de plantão "Vocês não vai começar nenhuma fofoca, né? Não comecem nenhuma fofoca."
Jennifer Aniston was snapped going to Leonardo DiCaprio's Hollywood Hills home on Sunday afternoon, along with Selma Blair, Kate Bosworth, Tobey Maguire, Usher and Seth Rogan. What could possibly bring all these celebs together at once? Well, it turns out they were shooting a voting PSA at Leo's place. The thought of Jen and Leo shacking up never even occurred to us - after all, Leo and Bar are back on, and this was a strictly professional meeting, but after Jen's bodyguard said repeatedly to X17 photographers, "You're not going to start rumors, are you? Don't start any rumors," we're starting to wonder if there is something to report on.

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