11 July 2008

Jen & John - Planejam se casar? / Playing the Marrying Game

Jennifer Aniston e John Mayer estão juntos há poucos meses e já surgiram rumores de que pensam em se casar. A revista National Enquirer traz em sua capa a chamada John Mayer pede Jen em casamento. A atriz também já teria feito um pedido, mas foi sem pensar, de acordo com uma pessoa próxima ao casal. "Durante um passeio romântico na praia de Malibu, as palavras ‘Eu quero casar com você’ saíram da boca da Jen", disse uma fonte à Star Magazine. A fonte também disse que Mayer não está pensando no assunto. "Infelizmente para a Jen, John não compartilha do desejo dela de se casar tão rápido".

That didn't take long. A new report claims that Jennifer Aniston has asked John Mayer to marry him. Wait - what, they both seem pretty old fashioned, wouldn't it be the other way around? According to a report from Star Magazine, Jennifer Aniston's feelings for singer John Mayer are so intense, insiders tell Star, that she's ready to walk down the aisle again soon.The magazine reports that "Things have been going so amazingly well between Jen and John, she just feels like it's right," an insider reveals. The source also spills that they are in love and is quoted as saying, "They're already saying 'I love you' to each other." How sweet, right? Well, maybe not.The magazine just reported last week that the sexy pair were spending multiple nights together (as in living together) and now they claim that Jennifer popped the question, or something like that. The magazine has a report that Jennifer blurted out some quasi marriage proposal and the claim is that Mayer turned her down, at least for now. Star reports, "During a recent romantic stroll on the beach in Malibu, "the words 'I want to marry you' just tumbled out of Jen's mouth, the source adds! But the impromptu proposal was met with an uncomfortable silence. "Unfortunately for Jen," the source explains, "John doesn't share her desire to get married too quickly."

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