13 June 2007

Novo namorado de Jen seria dependente químico / Coke-head shame of Jen’s new hunk

A última edição do tablóide britânico "News of the World" traz uma história que poderia abalar o novo relacionamento da queridinha dos americanos, Jennifer Aniston. De acordo com o jornal, Paul Sculfor, o novo affair da ex-mulher de Brad Pitt, é dependente químico - que já fez tratamento de reabilitação - e chegava a gastar US$ 900 por dia com cocaína. Ainda segundo o "News of the World", o ex-pedreiro, em sua época de modelo, chegou a cheirar cocaína com a britânica Kate Moss antes de uma visita ao então presidente da África do Sul, Nelson Mandela. Em 1998, a agência de modelos que cuidava de sua carreira organizou um desfile na Cidade do Cabo com Sculfor, Moss e Naomi Campbell. Ao jornal, amigos do ex-modelo disseram que antes de um encontro que aconteceu logo depois com Mandela, Sculfor e Moss cheiraram várias carreiras de cocaína. Para tentar se livrar de seu vício, o bonitão teria passado por um tratamento intenso contra a dependência. Enquanto a maioria das pessoas fica 28 dias no centro de reabilitação, Sculfor teve que ficar seis meses. Ainda de acordo com o jornal, Sculfor, 36 anos, é obcecado por namorar celebridades. "Namorar Jennifer colocaria ele na lista vip de qualquer evento", diz uma fonte do jornal.
Jennifer Aniston's new fella was a raging cocaine fiend who snorted the drug with Kate Moss before they met Nelson Mandela, the News of the World can reveal. And pals of Brit Paul Sculfor warned the Friends actress to walk away from the relationship before she gets hurt. One told us: "Jennifer should get out while she can. If he can behave like that, what kind of person is he?" Friends revealed male model Sculfor, a former Essex roofer, has a sordid past that centred on an astonishing £450-a-day cocaine habit. They say: Tried to bed All Saints singer Nicole Appleton, but was so out of it on cocaine that he ended up with her band-mate Shaznay Lewis. Took six months drug rehab, compared to the normal 28 days, because his coke addiction was so bad. Needs daily treatment to stay off it three years after beating his habit. Enjoys controlling women and is a serial womaniser. Sculfor and supermodel Kate became friends after he won a competition to become a model in 1997, snorting cocaine whenever they could — even before meeting a revered figure like Mandela in 1998. Their agency Storm organised a fashion show in Cape Town which featured Paul, Kate and Naomi Campbell. Afterwards, they were invited to a reception at Mr Mandela's home. Our source said: "Kate and Paul were doing line after line of coke backstage then going down the catwalk as if they were fine. "Afterwards they went to the Table Bay Hotel because they ran out of cocaine, and topped themselves up before going to Mandela's. "As Mandela was inviting guests into his house Kate nipped into a toilet and started doing cocaine. I remember Paul telling me, ‘We were totally wrecked. Kate and I were so off our heads we couldn't remember what we said to Nelson Mandela. And we couldn't stop laughing about it'." Jennifer, 38, who divorced Brad Pitt two years ago, has rarely dated since splitting up with actor Vince Vaughn last October. She is said to be smitten with Sculfor, 36, who spent a night at her LA mansion this month. She may not be aware of his murky past. Our source said: "Paul had a huge cocaine problem, taking about £450 of it a day. It turned him paranoid. He would tape up all his windows and hide away because he heard noises." Sculfor finally checked into The Priory Clinic in Southgate, north London, at the beginning of 2004. The source added: "Most people attend a 28-day programme but he needed six months to get sorted. He had a rich friend to pay for it. Afterwards he went to Cocaine Anonymous every day. He's still a regular and meditates every day to try to stay clean." Sculfor's addictive personality spilled over into his love-life too as he bedded a string of famous beauties. He became friendly with All Saints at the height of their success in 1999 and was desperate to bed their singer Nicole Appleton in revenge at her boyfriend at the time, Robbie Williams. One source told us: "Robbie had been rude to Paul so he thought having sex with his girlfriend would get up his nose. He planned to make his move but on the night took so much cocaine he didn't know what he was doing and ended up with Shaznay. "He woke up and couldn't believe it. He is obsessed with dating celebrities. He was engaged to Lisa Snowdon, who dumped him for cheating on her, and dated DJ Lisa I'Anson and Victoria Hervey." It was at a London acting school that Sculfor picked up a string of women including Elaine Tan, EastEnders' scheming Li Chong. Our source said: "He was vile to her. They met when he was dating glamour model Ebony. He dumped Ebony for Elaine but made her pay for it every second of their relationship. "He was an utter control freak. If she didn't do as he told her he would scream his head off at her. "He seemed charismatic, charming and wonderful when you first met him. He even managed to charm Kylie Minogue when he met her in Browns nightclub in London. They danced and he left with her. He claims things happened but I never knew if he was lying." Our source added: "Paul loves to be in the limelight. It will be like a dream come true being with Jennifer because she is a sexy American celebrity who puts him on the A-list." Last night another friend of Sculfor said: "Paul has worked hard to get his life straight. The relationship with Jennifer is the icing on the cake."

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