16 September 2005

News Vince x Jen

Vince Vaughn disse que gostaria de namorar Jennifer Aniston para agradar seus fãs, que queriam ver os dois como um casal feliz, informou o Monsters and Critics. "Conheço pessoas que adorariam que nós dois estivéssemos namorando. Lamento desapontá-las, mas não estamos", afirmou. O ator, que conheceu a estrela de Friends no set de filmagem de The Break-Up, vem sendo bombardeado de perguntas sobre seu suposto novo romance. Com bom humor, Vaughn vem insistindo que ele e Jennifer Aniston são "apenas bons amigos". "Jennifer e eu estamos apenas fazendo um filme juntos. As fotos que tentam usar para comprovar nosso 'namoro' foram tiradas no set de filmagem", disse. Vince Vaughn wishes he was dating Jennifer Aniston, because he hates disappointing fans who are desperate to see the lovelorn pair find happiness. Since filming commenced on new movie The Break-up, co-stars Aniston and Vaughn have been blighted by rumours of romance, but the funnyman insists they are simply the best of friends. And he is determined to set the record straight. He says, "I know people would love it if we were dating. But we're not. "We're just doing a movie together. The photos they try and use of us (together) are of us on set. So hopefully that rumour will go away rather quickly because that is what the situation is."


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Anonymous said...

Vince said this in June. I remember it from a couple of months ago. I really do think that they are seeing each other now. Stay tuned...